ASQ HOtel in Bangkok

Alternative State Quarantine at Nouvo City Hotel

Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

Nouvo City Hotel offers ASQ packages in cooperation with CH 9 Airport Hospital. The hotel has been officially designated as an ASQ hotel by the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Defense.


Packages start at just 42,000 Baht per person (reduced from the normal rate of 46,000 Baht per person) including 15-nights accommodation in a Grand Deluxe Room, 3 halal-certified meals a day, 2 COVID PCR tests, 24-hour staff from both the hotel and hospital, and much more.


Discounts for families and couples available!


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Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) rate starting from 42000 Baht

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Details / Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our alternative state quarantine (ASQ) package. We would like to propose the following:
Room type: Grand Deluxe Room
Length of Stay: 15 nights / 16 days
Rate: 42,000 THB net (reduced from 46,000 THB)
For families and married couples eligible to stay in the the same room, 2nd & 3rd person discount rates are as follows:
  • Aged 5 and over: 33,600 THB per person
  • Age 0-4: 21,000 THB per person
Note: Maximum 1 guest per room as per government guidelines with exceptions for immediate family members with conditions and pending approval. Please contact the hotel to confirm eligibility and total price.
The package includes the following:
• Full board (3 halal-certified meals per person per day from a dedicated menu)
• Complimentary WiFi internet access
• Television with local and international channels
• Complimentary drinking water with coffee/tea making facilities
• Complimentary face mask, hand sanitizer, and thermometer
• Yoga mat on-request for loan
• 20% discount for additional room service meals
• 20% discount for laundry service
• Room cleaning after receiving the first negative COVID-19 lab test results on day 7, day 10, and day 13 of the stay
Hospital services provided by CH 9 Airport Hospital:
• 2 COVID-19 PCR tests
• 24-hour on-site medical staff
• 24-hour ambulance services on standby to transfer from hotel to hospital
Please ensure that all requirements below are done prior to arrival:
• Full amount of advance payment is required and non-refundable
• Provide us with the full name of all guests as written in the passport
• Send us a clear scan of guest passports ensuring all information is clear
• Flight itinerary with copy of flight ticket providing is required for airport pickup service on arrival day
• A copy of the Certificate of Entry (COE) attained by your nearest Thai embassy/consulate
• A copy of valid medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected by RT-PCR issued no more than 72 hours before departure flight.
• A copy of a fit-to-fly medical certificate issued no more than 72 hours before departure flight.
• Total number of persons and pieces of luggage in the party for airport pickup arrangement
• (Meeting point : Suvarnabhumi International airport  – arrival Gate no. 9)
• (Meeting point : Don Mueang International airport – arrival Gate no. 3)
• Complete the attached Self Assessment for laboratory Procedure of COVID-19 forms. These forms will be submitted to the hospital upon your arrival to the hotel.
• Preselect your meals for the first 1-2 days for our chefs to prepare. Otherwise, the selection will be chef’s choice. Selection for remaining days may be made upon your arrival.
• Download the LINE messaging application to your smart device for free from the App Store or Play Store. This will be the required channel for communication within the hotel. Visit this link to download:
Modification and Cancellation
• This booking is non-refundable including the case of the cancellation or no-show (not arriving as booked).
• The booking is flexible for modification in case of flight changing upon providing the hotel a proof of change, however a notice is required at least 3 days prior to arrival and subject to hotel room availability.
• Cancellation and/or refund will be considered in the event of force majeure that you will not be able to travel as planned. Supporting documents must be provided.
• In the event of a positive COVID-19 test (detected as having an infection) before departing for Thailand, a refund will be considered depending on circumstances.
On Arrival
• Upon arrival, you are required to present a valid medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected by RT-PCR. The certificate must have been issued within the last 72 hours as otherwise, you will be required to take another COVID-19 test. An additional charge of THB 5,500 per person will apply.
• Your passport or/and valid ID card is required to be presented upon check-in.
• All rooms are 100% non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed in any area of the hotel.
• You must remain in your room until you receive the first negative COVID-19 test results from CH 9 Airport Hospital (around day 6).
• Around day 7, after receiving COVID-19 test negative results (not infected), our dedicated team will schedule a maximum of 45 minutes per day to relax at the rooftop outdoor area under staff supervision. Our staff will contact you after your arrival to discuss the arrangements.
• Presently, all delivery services (including food) are not allowed to be brought into the hotel. Please contact our staff after your arrival for more information.
Meals Pre-Selection
• For your first 2 days, please preselect your meal choices (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for hotel food preparation. Kindly notify your choices to the hotel via email at least 2 days before your arrival. Otherwise, The hotel reserves the right to arrange the best available food menu for you.
• We’ve attached with this email, a food menu for your kind perusal.
• All meals are halal-certified by CICOT.
** This package is subject to government regulations as required for all international arrivals into the kingdom. Additional charges for hospital stays and hotel services may apply at the guests’ own expense. 
Should you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to let us know at our reservation team email address: rsvn@nouvocityhotel or via LINE: @nouvocityhotel



For any additional information not provided below, please contact our team at +66 2 282 7500, or official LINE @nouvocityhotel


All information subject to change without prior notice as directed by CCSA protocols.



Q1. Is Nouvo City Hotel an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel?


Yes, Nouvo City Hotel is a certified Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility as certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Defence.


Q2. How do ASQ guests travel from the airport to the hotel?


The hotel’s ASQ packages include airport transfer by the hotel’s private vehicle. It is a sharing van with maximum capacity of 4 guests per van. Seating arrangements align with social distancing measures and are approved by Thai Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Private vans are available with a supplemental charge of THB 2,000 per van.


Q3. Are ASQ guests tested for COVID-19 at the hotel?


Yes. Nouvo City Hotel works in partnership with CH9 Airport Hospital to look after the health and safety of ASQ guests at the hotel. ASQ guests undergo 2 COVID-19 screening tests during their stay. ASQ guests undergo a twice-daily compulsory temperature check.


Q4. What happens if an ASQ guest tests positive for COVID-19 at the hotel?


The guest will be transferred and admitted to CH9 Airport Hospital by certified medical staff in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.


Q5. Are ASQ guests allowed to leave their rooms?


No, except under the following circumstances:


Under the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols guests in the dedicated and isolated quarantine facility are confined exclusively to their rooms. After the first negative COVID-19 test result around day 7, guests may leave their room (escorted by a hotel staff member) for a maximum of 45 minutes per day to get some fresh air in an isolated area under supervision.


Housekeeping service – Servicing of ASQ guest rooms takes place 3 times during a guest’s stay once they have passed the first COVID test. Guests are required to remain outside the room and wait in a prepared room while the housekeeper services it.


Q6. Are ASQ guests allowed to use the hotel’s swimming pool, gym, and spa?


No, under ASQ certification guests in quarantine are not allowed to enter the swimming pool, gym, nor spa any reason. Yoga mats may be requested for loan.


Q8. Are ASQ guests allowed to visit each other in their rooms?


No. ASQ guests can socialise for 45 minutes per day in the dedicated isolated area in accordance with the compulsory protocols and health and safety measures relating to physical distancing as set out by the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).


Q9. Is the hotel limited to ASQ guests only, or can anyone stay at or visit the hotel’s facilities?


The hotel is currently accepting ASQ guests for accommodation in a dedicated wing (City Wing). Guest rooms, facilities, and services in the separate Canal Wing are operational in accordance with the compulsory protocols and health and safety measures relating to physical distancing as set out by the COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). Under ASQ certification, ASQ guests are confined exclusively to their rooms in dedicated and isolated areas and have no access to the hotel’s public facilities and public areas.


Q10. Why do ASQ guests have to stay in the hotel for 15 nights instead of 14 nights?


Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health requires ASQ guests to quarantine for 14 full days and counts the date of arrival in Thailand as Day 0, irrespective of the arrival time in the country on that day.


Q11. Are ASQ guests allowed to receive visitors from outside the hotel?




Q12. What kind of food does the hotel provide?


Thai, Indian, and European cuisine are selectable with options for healthy and vegetarian choices.


Q13. Does the hotel offer halal food?


Yes. All meals are 100% halal-certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT).


Q14. Can married couples share a hotel room?


Yes. A copy of the couple’s marriage or partnership certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.


Q15. Can families share a hotel room?


Yes, subject to the maximum occupants allowed. A copy of the parents’ marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.


Q16. Can friends or unmarried couples share a hotel room?


No. Only married couples and families can share a room.


Q17. Do infants stay for free?


No. A supplement for infants applies. This includes 2 COVID-19 screening tests, a twice-daily compulsory temperature check and healthcare services by CH9 Airport Hospital.


Q18. Does the hotel supply baby food, diapers and other amenities for infants?


For infants, parents are required to bring items such as baby food and diapers along. A small mini fridge is available in the room for storing baby food. Deliveries from online shopping are allowed (please see conditions relating to deliveries to hotel rooms). In addition the hotel can assist in buying essential items from the 7-Eleven on the premises.


Q19. Are kids’ menus available for meals?


Yes. All menus may be adapted for children.


Q20. Are pets allowed in hotel rooms?




Q21. Can ASQ guests receive deliveries?


Yes, under the following conditions (please note that messaging services are strictly prohibited):


The guest must inform the hotel of the delivery in advance, including date of delivery and estimated time of arrival.Upon delivery, the hotel is required to open and inspect the contents, then reseal the package in the presence of the delivery person, before delivering it to the guest’s room. For deliveries of prescription medicines, guests must provide a prescription and this has to be authorised by the hospital’s nurse. Items prohibited for delivery include food and beverage, alcohol, narcotics, weapons and ammunition.


In all cases, guests are requested to inquire from the hotel’s dedicated staff before making any orders to determine whether they may be delivered to their rooms.


Q22. Can ASQ guests receive food deliveries from family and friends?


Yes, under the following conditions:


Only family member, friend or someone related to the guest may deliver the food to the hotel – food deliveries by messenger or food delivery services are not allowed. Deliverer must present his or her Thai ID card or passport upon the delivery of the food at the hotel. The guest must sign a waiver/disclaimer letter upon receiving the food. All items will be inspected by the hotel and hospital staff before delivery to the guest. Prohibited items such as alcohol and anything the hospital staff deem to be impermissible will be rejected for delivery.


Q23. Do I need to pay for my ASQ stay in advance?


Full prepayment is required at the time of reservation.




Q24. Can I cancel or change an ASQ reservation?


In case of a room cancellation or no show, the advance payment is non-refundable. If the cancellation is due to one or more of the following factors a refund may be considered if documents with evidence are submitted at least 72 hours prior to arrival:


-Denial of Certificate of Entry

-Positive COVID-19 test result


In case of a change of stay dates, the hotel must be notified in writing 72 hours in advance of the original arrival date and the rebooking is subject to room availability on the new requested dates.


Q25. Can ASQ guests extend their stay at the hotel after the completion of the compulsory quarantine period?


Guests can extend their stay at the separated Canal Wing which is not in the quarantine area. Please contact our team for reservations and details.


Q26. Can hotel visitors come into contact with ASQ guests?


No. ASQ guests stay alone in quarantine at the hotel’s dedicated and isolated ASQ facility and do not encounter other visitors or ASQ guests during their compulsory 15-night stay. ASQ guests arrive at the hotel directly from the airport in a specially designed vehicle upon entering Thailand and enter the hotel via dedicated and isolated areas, directly to their allocated rooms.


Q27. Do the same service staff tend to outside visitors and ASQ guests?


No. A dedicated service team tends to the needs of ASQ guests only, including housekeeping and in-room dining. The dedicated service team wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever they enter the dedicated and isolated ASQ facility, and properly discard thereof when exiting said area in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.


Q28. Do ASQ guests and visitors to the hotel’s restaurants use the same cutlery, crockery and glassware?


No, regular visitors use separate dedicated cutlery, crockery and glassware that are washed separately in dedicated industrial dishwashers. Nouvo City Hotel closely follows the strictest hygiene and sanitation procedures and government requirements. ASQ guests are provided with one-time use cutlery, crockery, and glassware that are carefully disposed and handled as biohazard waste in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.


Q29. Can the COVID-19 virus travel from one guest room to another through the hotel’s air-conditioning system?


No. Under ASQ certification all guest rooms at Nouvo City Hotel have standalone air-conditioning units. Each room’s air-conditioning unit and filters are properly sanitised after the guest checks out.





Q30. Can guests have any items such as documents or personal items be taken out of their rooms to be sent?


No. During the quarantine period, all items including documents are considered biohazard waste when taken out of the room and subject to disposal. Once an ASQ guest finishes quarantine, they may then take their documents and belongings with them out of the hotel. Anything left behind will be disposed of and not kept in lost-and-found.


Updated on 4 January 2021.
Subject to change without prior notice.